Have a Los Angeles Super Bowl Party Bus Adventure!

Los Angeles Super Bowl party bus adventure

The Super Bowl just might be the most exciting event on the calendar. It’s a blast to get together with friends and family to watch the big game. There’s always something for everyone at any size party. Even the most casual football fans can get excited by the sheer size of it. Anyone can enjoy the halftime show and rank the commercials for laughs. This year, the Super Bowl is expected to be bigger than ever. The parties are bound to be bigger, too. And with the game coming to the brand new SoFi stadium in Inglewood, the level of excitement in greater Los Angeles is bound to be off the charts. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets to the big game, why not take your party to the ultimate level with a Los Angeles super bowl party bus adventure?

Arrive Relaxed and Ready for Excitement

Renting a Super Bowl party bus makes a lot of sense. It can be very stressful to attend a championship game. Traffic will no doubt be a nightmare. Los Angeles isn’t famous for public transportation for a reason, so you’ll want to skip that. Car share services like Uber and Lyft will be overwhelmed, and can’t be relied on to show up when you need them. They add eye-popping surge pricing prices to their regular cost that make them unaffordable, too.  Security at the game will be extremely high.

You can forget all the hassles of traffic and parking with a limo bus.  In addition, you can skip the hectic arrangements that are necessary to have a big crowd arrive in the same place using more than one vehicle. Everyone can meet at a single location with plenty of free parking and board the bus together. And it can be a drag to carry too much stuff with you into the stadium, and many items won’t be allowed anyway. With a Super Bowl party bus, you can leave unwanted items on the bus where they’ll be looked after by the driver.

Super Bowl Party Bus Tips

Check out these helpful tips to get the most out of your Super Bowl party bus event:

Don’t forget the snacks

Plan ahead to make sure all your guests have the snacks they love, and plenty of them. For some people, the Super Bowl is just an excuse for a party with great snacks. To get in the football spirit, plan the same sort of snacks you’d find at any tailgating party. And if you’d like to avoid the number one party bus snack mistake, don’t forget the napkins!

Extend your Super Bowl party bus trip time

No one wants to end a great party early. Championship games last a long time, and the crowds are unbelievable. That’s just the time for the game. No big game party is complete without at least a little tailgating before the opening kickoff. Also, it’s relaxing and fun to recount the big plays in your party bus while the traffic clears out. Don’t cut your party short. Book a few hours extra on the big day and enjoy yourself completely.

Get a playlist ready

Don’t leave the music to chance! Great parties require great planning. Party buses have unbelievable sound systems. They sync seamlessly with almost any device to channel your handpicked tracks to the whole party bus. Take the time to make a killer playlist that goes with the event. After that, ask the driver to help you stream your selections to the whole crowd. Smart party planners have more than one playlist available. You might enjoy a quieter mood after the game, for instance. Some clever planners have one playlist for a home-team win, and one for a loss.

Don’t overlook an aftergame tailgate party

Most of our Super Bowl party bus tips are to get you ready for the big game. Don’t forget the afterparty! It’s great to come down from the exciting high of a championship game with a more mellow get together. Book enough time, and have enough snacks to accommodate all your guests before, and after the game. Have fun while everyone fights the traffic to finish off a memorable day.

Get some party bus games organized

Great parties always have something going on. Party buses are rolling parties, it’s true, but the Super Bowl is an all-day event. Plan to have something to amuse everyone throughout the day. Why not organize a football trivia contest with a prize for the pigskin fanatics on your party bus? You can also have a Super Bowl endzone dance contest that everyone will love. Don’t forget to bring a Nerf football to spike at the end!

Have a single point of contact

Your party bus driver is a true professional. They’re used to corralling a big crowd and getting them to events on time, and away on time, to. However, there’s a limit to how effective your driver can be if they can communicate with someone in the party at all time. It’s smart to select a single point of contact from your partygoers and give their contact info to the driver right up front. That way, he’ll always be able to reach out to someone in the group when it’s time to go or return from the big game.

Get a party bus with a restroom

It’s really important to get the right size party bus for your crowd. For the most part, that’s easy. Party buses are listed by their seating capacity, so choosing is a breeze. However, there’s one Super Bowl party bus upgrade that can make all the difference: Get a party bus with a restroom. Smaller, sprinter type buses are lots of fun, it’s true. However, if you choose a slightly larger bus, you can get one with an onboard restroom. Having a restroom handy is luxurious all during a party bus trip. It’s almost essential if you’re really going to enjoy yourself while you’re tailgating before and after the big game.

To find out more about Arabian Knights Limo Super Bowl party bus excursions, just use the handy, no-obligation Get a Quote form to get the ball rolling.

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