Party Bus vs Stretch Limo? See Which Is Right for You

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Your special occasion calls for a special vehicle. Whether you’re going to prom or throwing a bachelor party, it’s always fun to arrive in style and luxury. While many people are familiar with stretch limos, party buses have become much more popular. People like that there’s more room to party, drink, and socialize on a bus. However, Limos still remain the standard for classy transportation. It’s not quite as simple as party bus vs stretch limo. While they both are in the same industry, they serve different purposes. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when hiring a party bus or stretch limo.

Stretch Limos

white stretch limo

Limos have a long cultural history of transporting important people to their destination in style. It’s an intimate way for a small group to kick back and enjoy themselves while the driver does all the work. The first stretch limos were called “big band buses”, because they were used as touring vehicles for bands in the early 40s. While limos have come a long way since then, they still are a good way to get a group to a destination without using an actual bus.


Limos are stylish and instantly recognizable. People who want to make an impression at formal events often choose to arrive in a limo. Tinted windows add to the mystique of the stretch limo and offer privacy to those riding.


One of the main drawbacks is that you can’t fit that many people in a limo. Although a stretch limo looks large, it can only safely and comfortable seat up to 8 or 10 passengers. Also, while the interior is spacious, passengers can’t stand or move around very comfortably. For all intents and purposes, a stretch limo is still a sedan.

Party Buses

The Golden Chariot party bus


While a stretch limo is great for getting to your destination, a party bus can be a destination. Unlike a stretch limo, a party bus functions as a moving venue. That way the party kicks off a long time before you reach your destination. A party bus is often equipped with the latest amenities, like TVs, custom lighting, a bar, and more.


There’s ample seating for an event of any size. This makes party buses very popular for weddings, quinceaneras, and other events that include a lot of people. Another great part of renting a party bus is that you have the freedom to stand, walk around, and dance whenever you want.


Since party buses are oriented towards people partying, they’re not the best for more serious events like funerals or business meetings. Also, a party buses may have a cleaning fee because of all the on-board activities.

How Do I Choose between a Party Bus and a Stretch Limo?

Golden chariot interior with safety poles, television screens, and couches

While it’s a little more complicated than party bus vs stretch limo, there are a few thing you should consider before booking. First, how many people do you plan on transporting? A regular limo starts to get cramped after the first 4 or 5 people. If you plan on taking 8 or more guests somewhere, a party bus may be your best bet. There’s a lot more room to party, socialize, and enjoy your ride.

Another thing you should consider is the vibe you’re trying to cultivate. It may be inappropriate to take formal business clients out in a party bus with dancing poles. However, nothing encourages a party atmosphere quite like a fully-equipped party bus. Keep this in mind when choosing your preferred form of event transportation.

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