Six Big Things To Know Before You Rent a Party Bus

Six Big Things To Know Before You Rent a limo Bus

Party buses are the hottest new way to travel to and from an event, and it’s obvious why. It offers a level of comfort and style that you just can’t get from a regular limousine or chauffeur service. Not only do you get to your destination, but you get to party the whole way. That fact that you can get a party bus with a bathroom onboard puts it head and shoulders above the competition. However, booking a limo bus can be overwhelming for first-time renters. Here’s six big things you should know before you rent a party bus.

Ensure There’s Enough Seating

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The last thing you want is to leave someone behind because the bus is over capacity. During the planning phase, make sure you have a solid estimate for your number of guests. When selecting a party bus for your event, your booking agent will be more than happy to help you select a bus with the right capacity. It’s always a good idea to book a bus that has a few extra seats for unexpected plus-ones.

You Can Get a Party Bus With a Bathroom

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Whether you’re booking a bus for an entire day, or just a few hours, it’s essential to get a party bus with a bathroom. Once the party gets started, you won’t want to stop until you reach your destination. Roadside pit stops can also be a bit awkward. The bathrooms onboard a party bus have all of the same comforts you would expect in a bathroom in someone’s home. That way you can do you business, wash up, and get back to the party without missing a beat.

Storage Space Is Essential

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You’d be surprised by how much luggage people carry onboard for a party. Purses, Coats, and backpacks take up a lot of real estate in a vehicle. That’s why you should make sure you party bus has enough secure storage space for your guests to leave their belongings. Once all their things are put away, they can focus on having a killer time instead of tending to their various items. Your limo bus driver will stay with the bus to ensure that everything is safe for when you return.

You Can Divide Costs

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For corporate events, cost isn’t as much of an issue, but for those of us without a company expense account it’s always a good idea to split up the cost of the party bus among your guests. This will take the financial load off your shoulders and can cost less than rideshares that your guests would have to take anyways. Expect the limo bus company to ask for a deposit during booking. This is a good opportunity to get a proper headcount. Your guests are more likely to honor an RSVP is they have some skin in the game.

Quality Matters

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Although it can be hard to party economically, it’s important not to skimp on your transportation budget. A well-equipped luxury party bus provides an unbeatable experience that will make your event special. Budget bus companies won’t provide the same comfort, safety features, or room to party. In some cases, they’re little more than a shuttle bus that has been retrofitted with cup holders.

Custom Light and Sound Systems

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Setting the mood for your event is important. That’s why it’s industry standard for party buses to come with custom lighting and sound systems. Not only can you get to your destination in style and luxury, but you can do it while bumping your favorite tunes. It’s a good idea to put a party playlist together ahead of time. That way you won’t be at the mercy of the radio. Ask your party bus provider about Bluetooth connections and any subscriptions to music streaming services they may have set up onboard.

Looking For a Los Angeles Party Bus Service?

Arabian Knights Limo is the premier party bus company in Los Angeles. Make your event truly special with a ride on one of our magic carpet luxury limo buses. The next time you’re planning a birthday, wedding, corporate event, or a night out with your friends, give us a call. We’ll get you to your destination and back in style.

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