Six Insider Tips for Renting a Party Bus In LA

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or a night out on the town, renting a party bus is the best way to bring the party wherever you go. However, it’s not all fun and games. Proper planning is an essential part of any party. Check out these six insider tips before you rent to help your event go off without a hitch.

Choose a Route Ahead of Time

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Before you contact a party bus rental company, it’s a good idea to have your route planned out. Do you want to stop at multiple locations, or are you going from point A to point B and back? Most party bus rentals are billed hourly, so your route and the type of event will directly affect the price. Letting the limousine company know your route ahead of time will give them time to prepare, so there are no hiccups during your event. It will also help to ensure an accurate quote.

Know How Many Guests You’re Bringing

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There are rules and regulations on how many people can be in a party bus at one time. This depends on the bus’s size and other factors. A scenario that can put a damper on any event is having too many guests for the party bus you’re renting. The best way to avoid this is to have an accurate guest list prepared before you contact the party bus rental company. Once you know your maximum passengers, the limo company can recommend an appropriate bus for your event. If you have a very large party, 35 or more, it’s likely you’ll have to take multiple party buses.

Bring Snacks Refreshments

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In most places, party buses are not allowed to provide alcohol to their clients. It’s common for buses to have soda, mixer, and water available. If you want drinks or snacks while you’re on the bus, make sure to plan accordingly. Most luxury buses have a cooler, mini-fridge, or bar built in. Fill these up ahead of time. A long ride without snacks can really bring down the mood of a party. Make sure to confirm that food is allowed in the back of the bus, and ask about any other restrictions.

Pick the Right Bus for the Party

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There are a lot of amenities and custom features to choose from when renting a party bus. These features are different for each vehicle. To get the most bang for you buck, and have a killer time, consult with your party bus rental agent to find the right bus for you. Do you plan on spending a lot of time on the road? Then you’ll need a bus with in-cabin entertainment and ample space to store drinks and snacks. Do you plan on taking a small party to a formal event? A more low-key bus with tinted windows and light music might be a better option.

Make a Plan and Share It

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If you want to make multiple stops, or if you have any time constraints, it’s important to let your driver know well ahead of time. That way they can make appropriate arrangements. Once you have a concrete plan for your event, be sure to share it with the rental agency. They way they can plan for fuel consumption, traffic, and other factors. This will minimize the risk of unforeseen issues, so you can focus on having a good time while you ride around in style.

Make a Playlist for the Ride

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Every event needs the right ambiance. If you don’t want to be at the mercy of radio DJs, it’s a good idea to put some music together beforehand. Many modern luxury party buses have custom sound systems with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can play music directly from your mobile device. Before committing to a Spotify playlist or music on your phone, check with your party bus rental company to ensure that you can connect your device. You may have to bring your favorite CDs or burn your own for the party.

Planning on Renting a Party Bus in LA?

Arabian Knights Limo is the premier party bus company in Los Angeles. Make your event truly special with a ride on one of our magic carpet luxury limo buses. The next time you’re planning a birthday, wedding, corporate event, or a night out with your friends, give us a call. We’ll get you to your destination and back in style.

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