How To Choose Between Different Types of Luxury Party Bus Transportation

Los Angeles Luxury party bus selection

Parties are supposed to be fun. Planning a party can be hard work, however. It doesn’t matter if you’re arranging transportation, food, drinks, music, flowers, or entertainment, it all requires persistence and smart choices. If you’re in charge of getting luxury party bus transportation for an event, you can’t make a smart choice unless you know what’s available. Don’t plan your next party without knowing the difference between the different types of luxury transportation. If you choose the right ride for the right occasion, your guests will have a better time. You might just save a lot of money, too. Here’s a rundown of the different types of luxury party bus transportation available, and how to select from all the choices you have at your fingertips:

The Old Standby: The Limousine

A limousine is just a big luxury car driven by a chauffeur. For the most part, limos have a partition, usually operable, that separates the driver from the passengers. This increases privacy. Sometimes limos are just large cars with ample back seats. Others feature more seating and can hold 4-8 people by using jump seats that can be folded away when not needed.

A Bit More: The Stretch Limo

Stretch limos are cars with longer wheelbases than regular passenger cars. They usually have more than four doors, and more seating for passengers. Stretch limousines aren’t a recent improvement on regular limos. They’ve been around since the 1920s! The original stretch limos were designed to cart around famous big bands that toured the country. They could hold a lot of people, and carry a lot more luggage than a regular car.

Modern versions of a stretch limousine are usually just large sedans, expanded in length to hold more passengers. They’re popular for weddings and other formal occasions when separating people into separate cars is inconvenient.

The Offbeat Limo: Novelty Limousines

Not all limousines are just versions of big town cars. An almost unlimited number of vehicles have been turned into limos, often called novelty limos. Some are designed to be humorous, like Volkswagen Beetle stretch limos. Others turn exotic cars like Ferraris into stretch versions. It’s common to paint novelty limos in bright colors or patterns, as well, to attract even more attention. Couples who desire a little extra pizzazz for their weddings often choose novelty limousines for their weddings.

A Big Ride: The Limo Bus

Once you step up from regular sedans to buses, the choices increase. Limo buses are built on van and truck chassis, not based on regular passenger cars. They can carry many more passengers than even the biggest limousines.

Luxury Limo Bus vs. Luxury Party Bus

For most people, there isn’t much difference between a luxury limo bus and a luxury party bus. The biggest difference is usually seating capacity. A regular luxury limo bus might look like an upscale school bus, or airport shuttle. It has a lot of seats, plus room for a lot of luggage. There’s not much floor area. For example, the “luxury” part of the equation is usually limited to much more comfortable seating, and a plusher interior. If you’re simply trying to get from point A to point B with a lot of partygoers, a luxury limo bus is a great choice.

When To Choose a Luxury Party Bus

A luxury party bus is much more fun than a regular limo bus. Luxury party buses are loaded with fun features and amenities that make getting to your destination more than half the fun. Party buses have lots of room to dance, and to move around and mix with a crowd of your friends. Some buses can accommodate up to 50 passengers, so there’s no need to split up even a big party. Blazing sound and lighting systems turn party buses into rolling clubs. Many have video games built right in as well.

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