How Much Do Party Bus Rentals Cost?

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Looking for information about party bus companies in Los Angeles, or anywhere in the country? When people want to rent a party bus, they usually have a lot of questions. They wonder what’s included in a party bus rental, and what’s extra. They’re very excited to see the level of amenities they can expect on a luxury party limo. They need to know what to bring with them. What can they can expect to find on the party bus when it arrives?

Many of those questions can be answered with a quick survey of the party bus company website. However, the number one question the average person asks is, “How much to party bus rentals cost?” Of course the ultimate cost is important. But what might be more important in the long run is the level of service and amenities you get for the money you spend. Still, it’s useful to find out the ballpark for luxury party bus rentals before you find out the details of a particular ride. Let’s take a look at party bus costs in general in the US, and how they compare to party bus companies in Los Angeles.

Where You Live Is Key

The most important factor in party bus prices is where you live. Party bus companies in Los Angeles have to charge more for their services than a company in a small suburb. It’s not all just the supply and demand that comes with a larger population. Big cities charge businesses many more fees and higher taxes than a suburb or small town would. Things like tolls, parking, and insurance all cost more. These higher costs are bound to show up in higher prices in the city.

Demand for luxury party limo services are higher in big cities, too. However, this is usually balanced out by a larger number of party bus companies to select from.

Compare Apple to Apples

When you’re looking for party bus prices, it’s important to compare apples to apples. Don’t make the mistake of thinking all party bus prices are going to be the same. Make sure you’re comparing prices from buses of comparable size and amenities. There’s a big difference in cost from renting a bus for ten people and renting a party bus large enough for twenty. A really small bus for ten people without many amenities might only cost $100 per hour to rent, but invite another ten friends and the price will likely go up by at least 50 percent.

The Calendar Sometimes Determines Prices

When you’d like to rent a party bus has a lot of effect on the price. Let’s face it: some days on the calendar are more likely have parties than others. If you’re trying to rent a luxury party limo on a traditionally busy night, you’re probably going to pay more for it. Year-end holidays, prom season, and other common party opportunities can crowd out spur of the moment party planning. If you have some flexibility with your dates, you can pay much less on a quiet Tuesday evening than on New Year’s Eve.

Not Just the Calendar: The Clock Matters, Too

Many party bus companies have a minimum number of hours for their service. This number can vary with the type of party limo. Larger buses usually have higher minimums. For instance, many party bus companies in Los Angeles have a four-hour minimum for the bulk of their fleets. Others charge by the mile. Others even charge for fuel. When you’re pricing your party trip, make sure you take all the different requirements into consideration to compare accurately.

Have Fun, But Don’t Get Too Rowdy

Renting a party bus for your occasion is a blast. You’re supposed to have fun and let your hair down. However, it doesn’t pay to get too rowdy on a party bus. If you damage your ride, you might be on the hook for substantial repair costs. In addition, most party limo contracts have a cleaning fee included. But if you make a big mess, you might see an upcharge to cover the extra labor for cleanup.

National Averages for Party Bus Rentals

A typical party bus rental in any big city in the United States is usually between $550 to $650. It’s common to pay double those amounts for larger buses with more amenities, or a much longer trip, or other add-ons and frills. Prices for party bus companies in Los Angeles are near the national average.

Find Out The Easy Way

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