Why You Should Choose a Mercedes Party Bus for a Special Occasion

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is the industry standard for mid-sized party buses. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, it provides enough room to travel safely with friends and family. It’s also much more fun than a standard limo ride. The custom features on a modern party bus transforms it into a club on wheels. This makes it great for everything from family friendly events to club hopping. Here are a few more reasons why a Mercedes party bus is perfect for your special occasion.

Custom Features

Party bus interior with custom seats

A Mercedes party bus starts its life as a humble Sprinter van, typically with a few rows of seats. After coming out of the custom shop, it’s a whole different vehicle. Custom seats line the outside of the bus to provide a more comfortable open seating arrangement. Typically, the floors are replaced with something sturdier and more stylish, so guests can dance and socialize. It wouldn’t be a party bus without a custom audio system. Our Mercedes buses have a custom 6000 AMP surround sound system with Bluetooth and AUX support. Along with that, televisions and game cabinets can often be found on a fully customized party bus.

Mercedes Party Bus Safety

The Luxor Bus Interior

Unlike renting a regular car, you don’t have to drive the bus yourself. You’ll be paired with a driver who knows the bus and the route well. That way you can kick back and party while being ferried around LA by a professional. Having a built-in designated driver takes a lot of stress off the party planner. When you get to your destination, the driver will stay with the vehicle to ensure all of your possessions are safe. Although customized, a party bus needs to be insured and pass regular inspections to operate. A good party bus company takes pride in the safe operations of their vehicles. There are also rules in place for drivers and guests to ensure that everyone stays safe and has a great time.

More Room To Party

The luxor party bus interior

A Mercedes party bus has ample room for all of your guests. A customized sprinter van can seat 12 to 14 people with ease. Even with a full load of people on board, there’s still plenty of room for dancing, socializing, and having fun. If you need more space than that, there are party buses that can set up to 30. While a regular limo might struggle to accommodate your guests and all of their personal items, there is plenty of storage on a party bus. The bus is lined with secure compartments so the dance floor can stay open for your entire trip.

A Cost Effective Way To Travel

Group of 6 women chatting and having drinks at a party outdoors

Considering all of the luxury features of a Mercedes party bus, you’d think that it would carry a hefty price tag. That’s simply not the case. It can be considerably more cost effective to rent a party bus then even a regular limo. It certainly costs less than rideshares for all your guests. For larger events that need a lot of people to show up somewhere at once, nothing beats a party bus. You can also save a great deal on event parking, it can get very pricey to park in Downtown Los Angeles.

A Unique Party Experience

The mirage party bus exterior

Riding to your destination in the luxury and style of a Mercedes party bus is something special. It provides a fun interlude between destinations that other forms of transportation can’t match. Party bus companies work to make sure you and your guests have a glamorous, carefree ride. Whether it’s a birthday or a bachelor party, every part of it should be special, that includes safe transportation to an from the event. A party bus companies will plan the route with you to make pickups and drop offs wherever you’d like.

Infographic - Why You Should Choose a Mercedes Party Bus for a Special Occasion

Looking For A Mercedes Party Bus For Your Next LA Event?

Arabian Knights Limo is the premier party bus company in Los Angeles. Make your event truly special with a ride on one of our magic carpet luxury limo buses. The next time you’re planning a birthday, wedding, corporate event, or a night out with your friends, give us a call. We’ll get you to your destination and back in style.

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