Wedding Day Party Bus Eating and Drinking Advice

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Are you searching for the perfect way to add some fun and excitement to your wedding day? Look no further than a wedding day party bus! With its luxurious amenities, comfortable seating, and plenty of space for all your guests, it’s the perfect way to make sure everyone has an amazing time on your special day. But before you hop aboard and hit the road, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to eating and drinking on a wedding day party bus. From what type of foods work best in this unique setting to selecting responsible drinks that won’t impede anyone’s ability to enjoy themselves fully – here is our advice on how best to plan out food and drink options for your big ride.

Wedding Day Party Bus Alcohol Laws

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While the party bus company cannot provide alcohol due to legal restrictions, there’s no law against bringing alcoholic beverages with you — just make sure everyone drinks responsibly. If you want to enjoy some special beers or wines on your ride, be sure to BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage). We’d definitely recommend avoiding alcoholic drinks before the ceremony. Especially avoid liquor before tying the knot. When the nerves kick in it’s easy to accidentally go over the line. One of the joys of renting a party bus, is that you don’t have to worry about getting a designated driver. You and your guests will be chauffeured by a professional driver to and from your destination. Just make sure not to go overboard and have plenty of snacks available!

Popular Food Options

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When planning snacks and beverages for your wedding day party bus, opt for finger foods that are easy to grab and eat. Chips and dip, pretzels, cheese and crackers, or miniature desserts would all be excellent options. Ask your caterer if they could provide service on the party bus. Also, make sure to ask all your guests if they have any food allergies. The most common food allergies include: tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and dairy. Some people with a serious allergies would need immediate medical attention, and no one wants that to happen on their wedding day.

Stay Away From Messy Foods

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When it comes to eating and drinking on the party bus, try to minimize any possible spills or stains by avoiding messier food options. It’s definitely a good idea to have plenty of napkins on hand. Assign a designated trash collector to help manage any wrappers or containers that get left behind, so the bus is spotless when you arrive at your destination. This will also help cut down on any extra cleaning fees. Beyond making a mess on the party bus, a spills on any of the guests or the bridal party would be tragic.

Packaged Snacks

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Ensure that everyone has enough time to enjoy their snacks and drinks from the ride by providing take-away options. Prepackaged bags of chips, candy bars, and protein bars make great takeaways that can be enjoyed at another time. Leave a few baskets of of packaged snacks on the party bus. This is an inexpensive way to make sure there’s something for everyone. Along with snacks, it’s a good idea to have a variety of canned onboard. Get a few different types of soda, canned water/seltzer, and juice. Most party buses have onboard coolers, so you can keep all your beverages ice cold!

Get a Wedding Day Party Bus With an Onboard Bathroom

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If you’re planning to serve food and drinks on your wedding day party bus, it’s important that you get a large enough vehicle with an onboard bathroom. A larger capacity party bus ensure that your guests have plenty of room to relax and enjoy themselves. Plus, an bathroom on board means there won’t be any awkward stops along the way. Larger buses come with all of the features you would expect from a party bus including, a custom sound system, a light up dance floor, and custom seating. With lots of entertainment options, your event is sure to be a big hit!

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